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Welcome to DaVinci Teeth Whitening! Your first step to a whiter, brighter smile! 

Products & Services


DaVinci Laser Teeth Whitening Gel

This proprietary gel is the organic, non-invasive teeth whitening product we use in our teeth whitening procedure. Our ingredients are of the highest quality and are always fresh, to ensure that it will not hurt enamel or weaken existing dental work.


  • Ultra White Triple Treatment - $145.00  Same day treatment

  • Whitening pen - $30.00

  • True Minerals-Desensitizer - $25.00

  • Shield and Shine-$25.00

  • We accept cash, checks and credit cards


Maintenance Kits Include:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel

  • Moldable whitening tray

  • Tray case

  • Tooth shade card

  • LED Activation Light

  • Instructions

Smile Again Professional Whitening and Maintenance Products

To help you maintain your whiter and brighter smile, we have made whitening maintenance products you can take home. These products are safe to use on dental work as well as your natural teeth. These products include:

  • SMILE AGAIN Home Maintenance Kit - $70.00

  • STAYBRIGHT- ON-THE -GO Teeth Whitening Pen – Give your teeth some touch-ups at home with this whitening pen from Smile Again $30.00

  • True Minerals- Remineralizing & Desensitizing Treatment Keep the enamel in your teeth strong and diminish sensitivity $30.00

Speak with our professionals to see how our maintenance products can help you keep loving your whiter smile.

Smile Again Laser Whitening Light

Using the most advanced LED technology, these lights are designed and manufactured specifically for teeth whitening. They are FDA compliant under Section 510(k) and fall under the Class 1 category. We offer different output levels to personalize your whitening treatment.

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