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Welcome to Smile Again Teeth Whitening! Your first step to a whiter, brighter smile! 

About Us

High-Quality Teeth Whitening in Honolulu


1   Apply whitening gel to the upper & lower arch of your teeth

2   Position Blue LED Laser Light on mouth

3   Rinse and reveal a Brighter Smile

Benefits of Smile Again Laser Teeth Whitening vs. DIY Treatments:

  • Fast and Effective

  • Immediate Results

  • Safe and Painless

  • Affordable! (76% Less Than a Dentist Office!)

  • Long-Lasting Results of 1-3 Years, depending on maintenance and lifestyle

Specials / Deals


If five members of a wedding party purchase a teeth whitening treatment, the bride receives one free!


Post us and follow us on your Instagram Page and receive $10.00 off a maintenance kit!  @smileagain808  Also a great way to watch for any special promos we may be having.

Ask about our group rates!


Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. However, if you have any questions not addressed below, please feel free to contact us online or call 910-494-2609

Is Smile Again Teeth Whitening Treatment Something That Would Work for Me?

This treatment is intended to whiten teeth for anyone who desires a brighter smile, from teeth stained by coffee or other substances to teeth with discoloration caused by genetics or medications.  Brightening your smile can help you look younger and feel better with a confident smile.


How Long Should I Expect to be in Treatment?

The Smile Again Teeth Whitening treatment only takes 20 to 40 minutes, with variance being dependent on the extent of discoloration.

Is the Procedure Painful?

A very small percentage of people have experienced minor sensitivity to excessively warm or cold food and drink within two hours of treatment. We recommend avoiding consumption during these first two hours. Most clients experience no pain.

What if I Have Crowns and Fillings?

Smile Again Teeth Whitening will not be able to whiten fillings and crowns beyond the original color, but can remove any staining that may have occurred in the meantime. Unless your teeth are darker than the original color or you plan to replace the crown or filling after the treatment, whitening is not recommended.

How White Does the Treatment Make Teeth?

Depending on the original discoloration and the makeup of your teeth, smiles become an average of five to 14 shades whiter according to our shade guide. Individual results will vary for each person, as everyone’s teeth are different. 

How Long Will My Smile Stay Bright?

Generally, teeth stay bright for about one to three years after treatment. Receiving touch-up treatments may help those who frequently use or consume products that are said to stain teeth – such as dark soda or coffee – experience longer lasting results.

Yes. We use the same ingredients you will see used in a dental office. Our methods are based on scientific research and are FDA Compliant. Your teeth will not be changed structurally, the only change is the removal of stains.

Is it Safe to Undergo the Procedure?

How is Smile Again Teeth Whitening Different from Dental Office Whitening?

The technology is the same as what you will see in a dental office. However, the teeth whitening gels used for the DaVinci treatment are non-abrasive and the procedure itself has been simplified to ensure aesthetic professionals can perform it safely. It provides better results in a gentler manner than other whitening procedures.

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